Automatic Quotation

Stop wasting time on quotes for orders you may not get.

Once you set up Smidyo with your prices, you'll be serving up quotes and getting orders without having to do a thing.

Looking for laser cutting? (old Smidyo site)


How would that even work?

We can't give it all away at this point, but rest assured, all you need to provide are the factors your clients give you for a quote. Plus a little extra.

My product's price depends on many factors.

Our system is very modular, so you will have fine grain control over every aspect of the price calculation process.

I know nothing about programming.

No worries, there will be product-specific starter kits you can start out from - and top notch support.

What about pricing?

Smidyo is cloud based subscription service, that you will be able to try out for free. Pricing is not yet announced - but you can be sure the savings Smidyo will bring will more than cover the subscription costs.

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