Sell Your Services as Products

Standardize, Productize and Harmonize your service-based business for the new generation

Sail Through Order Fulfillment

Automatize your order fullfillment and reduce unnecessary workloads

Innovative small businesses use Smidyo

60% of Millennials and Gen-Z hate making phone calls.

That means if you don't have easy online ordering, you miss out on sales.

Advanced Pricing and Consistent Quote Creation

  • Standardize your service offerings into products with well-defined inputs
  • Powerful internal pricing for your employees or sales team
  • Professional PDF-quotes with customizable layout
  • Automatic calculation of prices from complex inputs, such as drawings, images, spreadsheets and more
  • Easily updatable prices to make sure your quotes are always accurate
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“Being able to create quotes myself without having to consult with the sales team is a great feature."

Oscar Granberg
Laser Operator

All Of This, Anywhere.

  • Smidyo is a Progressive Web App, which gives you a native-app feel
  • Full quoting functionality on your phone
  • Manage orders and fulfill them when you are on the go
  • Present a responsive, mobile-friendly interface to your customers
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"I can just go into the dashboard and pick out the next job to do. All of the orders' details are in one place.”

Oscar Granberg
Machine Operator

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