Fall is here, and so is a new Smidyo. Let's take a look what the summer of '19 has produced in terms of new features. ​​


We have finally implemented a way for you to allow your customers to sign up to your Smidyo sales domain.

You can send out invites to create accounts through the Accounts section of your dashboard. We do not recommend public account creation at this point, but if you want you can enable public sign-ups by going to Settings > Account > Allow public account creation on your dashboard.​​


Once you've got accounts, those accounts can place orders! There is no option for credit card payments currently, but it's on the way.

Order row data

Your quote rows and order rows can now include rich data. As you can see in the example above, what's visible in the order view is different from what is visible from your customer's point of view. This is because yield pipelines can now define quoteOutputs and orderOutputs.

These different sets of results can be then fed into a form pipeline, which purpose is to display the data. Above you can see the element blocks;

  • ​vector-express.eb.svg-preview.r.1, for the preview (link)
  • ​file-any-download.r.1, for the download button.

Try creating a new offering, and you will see these brand new options!​​