"Making and Marking" is their slogan - and what they do 

CNC Design is an industrially focused manufacturing company located on the west coast of Finland. They offer, in their own words, "Industrial markings, laser services and UV printing. Since 2012.". CNC Design claim their products are "the cherry on top" to give finished products a polished appearance. 

A selection of CNC Design's industrial marking products

Automating price calculation for industrial markings

As their product range is a wide range of different marking products, the pricing process can be quite different from product-to-product. 

Patrik: Our pricing process before was quite inconsistent. We had come up with some formulas for laser cutting, UV printing, and our different product lines. But it was a tedious process as estimating a price involved opening different spreadsheets, calculating manually and our CAD-software.  
Patrik Sandqvist, co-founder

Smidyo was implemented by creating a Smidyo Offering for every product line, and corresponding calculation pipelines for each. This allows prices to be calculated automatically, from simple number fields and drop-downs in their Sales Domain. 

As CNC Design is growing and employing more people, this becomes even more relevant, as it now allows even new employees to calculate quotes, without having to get them accustomed to a complex internal process.

Employee Oscar calculating a price for a sign

Streamlining order ingestion

CNC Design's clients are mainly local industrial manufacturing companies.

Patrik: Our customers mostly order over email, with some orders also come in directly by phone. Previously we used to manage our orders through a combination of our email inbox, Google Keep, and our invoicing program. The order-followup process was mess and I had to keep a lot of things in my head. Customers also had no way of checking the status of their orders, short of mailing or calling for updates.

Now that Smidyo has been brought into daily operations, everything can be managed in one place with options to insert orders manually or allow customers to log in and place orders directly.

Patrik: We can accept orders in two ways. Some are entered into Smidyo manually using the built-in automated calculation tools, and some orders are placed directly by our customer through the Smidyo ordering portal.
Customers and employees can now access CNC Design's offerings through their Smidyo Sales Domain.

Order fulfillment

Having all orders in Smidyo makes it easy to pick out which ones to fullfill next, and update the customers as to which stage it's in.

Patrik: Order confirmations and order updated being automatically sent to our customers is really handy and it helps our customers understand at what stage their order is in. 
Fullfilling a laser cutting order.
Oscar: I can just go into the dashboard and pick out the next job to do. All of the orders' details are in one place.
Viewing an order on the Smidyo Dashboard

Accepting laser cutting orders directly

CNC Design is also implementing true cloud manufacturing by setting some of their Offerings in the Sales Domain to be publically accessible. By enabling Checkout they are even able to accept credit card payments.

Patrik: We essentially have a "web-shop" where we sell laser cutting. Our customers can upload their drawing, get a quote, and order it directly with their credit card.
CNC Design's laser cutting online portal

The cutting files from the order placed in the laser webshop are downloaded directly from the dashboard and transferred into their cutting machines.

CNC Design runs multiple machines to fulfill their clients needs

CNC Design uses Laser Workshop Automation by Smidyo

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