Smidyo release 2.9 brings new features that allows Smidyo to be used in an even more flexible way.

Offline accounts

It's now possible to use Smidyo as a basic ERP system, as you can now create accounts manually. They can be created in both the sales domain (as an admin), or in the dashboard. It's even possible to invite users to sign up in the process.


You can also now place orders on behalf of your accounts (even your user- and company accounts) as an administrator in the sales domain. This is useful when orders arrive through email or phone, as they can now be put manually into Smidyo.

Data type "file-image"

The new data type "file-image" can be used to display and process images (jpg and png) in the Smidyo sales domain. It also comes with two new element blocks:

  • file-image-input.r.1
    This element blocks allows for file uploads, and provides a preview of the uploaded image.
  • file-image-output.r.1
    Displays an image.
  • select-with-image.r.1
    Allows for a selection with an image for every option.

Source block "TABLE_CELL"

Table cells can now be programmatically fetched through the new source block "TABLE_CELL".