A new and improved Portal experience is here.

Your feedback is very important to us, and a better way for you and your customers to manage quotes and orders in the Portal has been heavily requested. Today, it's live! You can try it out right now by visiting your Quoting Portal.

Better quote management

Quotes now have their own dedicated page. This gives the quotes room to breathe and allows you to view more of them at once.

From the administrator point of view, you can find all quotes under "Quotes" in the menu. Your customers can find them in the same place, but in a dropdown menu for easy access. If single-quote mode is enabled, your customers will simply see their only quote under "My Quote".

Viewing a customer's quote from the administrator point of view

Better customer order management

Customers now also have a dedicated page to view their orders.

They also now have the ability to cancel orders if the payment process was not finalized. It's also possible to view the original quote from which the order came (if it still exists). This is useful if the customer wishes to place repeat orders based on one quote.

Viewing an order from the customer point of view

Remember to update your translations!

Running a custom translation on your Quoting Portal? Since this update introduces a few new texts to your portal, remember to add those to your Translation Overrides.