PayPal and Klarna are here.

Smidyo Quoting Portal now supports two major payment providers to offer your customers more ways to pay.

Enabling either PayPal or Klarna is easy. Just go to your Dashboard and go into Settings > General > Payment. By entering your merchant credentials for both platforms, you can connect your Quoting Portal to the respective payment processor. You can also decide whether you wish the payment method to be visible for Guest Accounts only, Registered Accounts, or both.

PayPal Payments

Paypal is one of the largest online payment processors. By providing PayPal payments on your Quoting Portal you can reduce the friction for your customers placing an order, as they can simply pay by logging onto their PayPal account.

Klarna Payments

Klarna has taken Europe by storm, and is now also expanding globally. Klarna lets your customers pay later, or in installments, while you get the money up-front. This is especially useful if you are selling higher-priced products or services.