You can now wake up, as September is (almost) over. Here's what the latest release of Smidyo brings:

Visual data/payloadlet entry

Try going to a constant or a table, and enter some data. As you can see Smidyo data types now has an associated element block with it, making for a more visual data entry experience than before.

That's what you'll see when inputting a number . It's just the number-input element block. But what about a more complex data shape?

A list of file-svg's for example. No sweat - it's just a bunch of file-svg-input element blocks. Want to add more? Just click Add.

You can always access the old method of inputting data by clicking Use code mode.

Operation- and element block information

Finally, we've added an option to view your available operation blocks and element blocks. They're available under the new Element blocks and Operation blocks menu items.

Above is the boolean-and.r.1 operation block.

Above is the boolean-switch.r.1 element block.