How's it work?

Describe your quotation process

Smidyo works through an underlying system we call Pipelines. It may sound complex - but don't fret. We offer wizards that automatically set-up pipelines for the industry you are serving. And if you wish - you can use our easy to use Pipeline editors to build a completely custom quotation process.

Due to Smidyo's modular nature, even if you have a very complex quotation process, you should be able to string together a Pipeline that works for just your business model.

We generate a portal for your customers

From that description, we can generate a portal for your customers to use. We call it the Sales Domain.

Your customers go in, enter their info, and Smidyo calculates the price for them, according to your description. After that, it's same process as a web-shop checkout.

Orders start pouring in

And now you lean back an- no wait... You can't lean back. Because you'll be having so many orders that are ready to be fulfilled!

Instead of waiting for your customer to accept the quote, you'll be getting orders instead. That time you'd usually spend on calculating quotes, can be spent on funneling more people into your Sales Domain.

Sound good?

Our initial target is laser cutting & -engraving companies for our system. But other services are also in our crosshairs.

So whether you are selling pancakes, cleaning service, 3D printing or shipping services - get in touch with us. We would love to hear about your current quotation process and how we can help you automate it. If you want to get the latest news, feel free to sign up to our mailing list! We won't spam you.