Create a Laser-Cutting Web-shop

Smidyo allows you to create a portal that can be accessed by your customers, or even publicly. This allows you to take on smaller orders that otherwise wouldn't be worth it, increase your sales, and take your business fully online.

A Powerful Internal Pricing Tool

In addition to acting like a web-shop, Smidyo can also be used as a internal pricing tool for your team.

Accept Credit Card & Invoice Payments

Smidyo supports multiple payment options.

Bring All Your Orders to One Place

Smidyo allows you to bring all of your incoming orders to one consolidated place - your order dashboard.

Generate Production Files

As soon as your customer places an order, Smidyo can automatically generate files to speed up your fulfillment process.

Get Up and Running in Minutes

Configuring Smidyo for your hourly rates, feeds and speeds and materials is a walk in the park. Just sign up, fill out the form and you are up and running in minutes.

Automatically Calculated Shipping Cost

Smidyo allows you to configure multiple shipping methods for your customers. The pricing can be flat, or based on the weight of the manufactured parts.